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4 PM - Midnight
4 PM - 1 AM
4 PM - 1 AM
4 PM - 1 AM
2 PM - 11 PM

No grub be served here, and all patrons need be 21 years or older.

Only credit cards be welcomed, no cash or dabloons.


Tale of the Crew

Welcome to 🌴⚓ Shipwrecked ⚓🌴, a locally loved tiki bar where the spirit of adventure meets the art of the craft cocktail.

Nate and Melissa, longstanding contributors to the Davis business community, are the creators behind this unique 🏝️ island oasis. Their passion for tiki bars - and a touch of 🏴‍☠️ pirate-esque adventure - inspired them to open Shipwrecked. Every detail, from the decor to the drink menu, reflects their commitment to creating a lively yet relaxed ambiance.

At Shipwrecked, we honor the tiki tradition while setting sail on our own voyage in the modern craft cocktail scene. Navigate our drinks menu 🍹 and discover gems like our "1944 Mai Tai", a faithful nod to the classic Trader Vic's recipe, or embark on a bold journey with our contemporary "Midnight Jungle Bird".

Quality and freshness are our true north. We source our citrus and fruits 🍊🍋 from Central Valley growers, infusing our cocktails with the freshest flavors. Our housemade almond orgeat and other hand-crafted flavors set a new standard for taste, raising the bar for craft cocktails. Indulge in our "Painkiller" or "Banana Boat Bliss", both featuring local Davis Creamery's 🍍pineapple ice cream - a delightful accompaniment to our tropical concoctions.

Step into Shipwrecked, your island escape in the heart of Davis. Here, we're all about transporting you to a tropical paradise 🌊🏖️, one unique cocktail at a time. Settle in and let our vibrant tiki bar bring a splash of the tropics to your day.


Our menu is a testament to this ethos. It showcases an array of high-end cocktails designed for discerning connoisseurs and special occasions, alongside a diverse selection of flavorful, budget-friendly options for everyday enjoyment. Each cocktail is crafted with meticulous attention and care, using only the finest ingredients. 


We take pride in respecting the rich legacy of Tiki bars, while also eagerly embracing the dynamic trends of modern mixology. However, the real essence of our work is not just about the drinks we serve, but the stories and experiences that blossom around them. 


To us, our bar is more than just a venue to grab a drink - it's a vibrant community, a place where memories are made and new experiences are shared. Each visit to Shipwrecked Tiki Bar marks the start of a new adventure, and we're committed to making it a memorable one. 


So, our mission goes beyond just pouring drinks - it's about sharing the joy of exploration, the thrill of discovering new flavors, and the pleasure of good company. We look forward to welcoming you on this journey and discovering where our shared taste for adventure will lead us. 

Our Philosophy 

t the heart of our operations at Shipwrecked Tiki Bar, we believe in striking a balance between excellence and value. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's "best" in the world of cocktails, while ensuring these unparalleled experiences are accessible to all, irrespective of their budget. 


The story of

Bad Luck Bob

In the year 1632, in the drizzly town of Grimsby, England, a baby named Robert Catherine Merryweather was born under a series of bad omens. As the midwife attempted delivery, a black cat knocked over a ladder which shattered a mirror and destroyed a collection of saltshakers. This mishap and the many to follow would earn Robert a new name: "Bad Luck Bob."

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The Omens of Grimsby


In the year 1632, in the drizzly town of Grimsby, England, a baby named Robert Catherine Merryweather was born under a series of bad omens. As the midwife attempted delivery, a black cat knocked over a ladder which shattered a mirror and destroyed a collection of saltshakers. This mishap and the many to follow would earn Robert a new name: "Bad Luck Bob."

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The Omens of Grimsby

In the abyssal depths, he met a mesmerizing mermaid. The two fell madly in love, and for a while, it seemed Bob's bad luck had finally reversed. However, a disastrous mix-up involving a potion meant to grant Bob the ability to breathe underwater turned his lover into a terrifying sea witch. Heartbroken and at peril, Bob made a frantic escape. Amidst a wild chase, he was swept away by a powerful current, finding himself marooned on an unfamiliar, deserted island.

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A Mermaid's Curse

Despite the lonely surroundings, Bob channeled his energy into resilience. He discovered various exotic fruits on the island and started experimenting with them, reminiscent of his tavern days. He put together a makeshift distillery, transforming the sugarcane and fruits into rich spirits, each concoction a delightful surprise. During the day, he explored the island, studied its flora, and at night, he worked on his drinks under the blanket of stars.

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Resilience on the Island

One hot afternoon, while digging a hole, Bob discovered something buried in the sand. To his astonishment, he unearthed an old, weather-worn treasure chest. Before he could even think about his luck, however, a loud, boisterous group of pirates docked at his island. They claimed the island and the treasure as their own. Bob, however, remained undeterred. He regaled them with tales of his comical misadventures and served them his unique cocktails. The pirates, won over by his storytelling and drink mixing skills, decided to share a portion of the treasure with Bob.

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The Pirates' Treasure

With his portion of the treasure and the help of newfound friends, Bob transformed the deserted island into a bustling Tiki Bar. His unique drinks, brewed from the island's exotic fruits, and his captivating tales of bad luck and misfortune, quickly became the stuff of legends.

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Tales and Cocktails

Word of "Bad Luck Bob" and his rollicking misadventures spread across the sea, drawing in sailors and adventurers. His Tiki Bar soon became a must-visit spot marked on every seafarer's map, an inviting oasis amidst the vastness of the ocean. The bar, imbued with Bob's resilient spirit, became a place where anyone, particularly those down on their luck, could find comfort, laughter, and a sense of camaraderie. Despite his extraordinary string of bad luck, or perhaps because of it, Bob's Tiki Bar became a beacon of cheer and goodwill for all weary travelers.

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Shipwrecked Tiki Oasis

Bob grew up resourceful and independent, yet for obvious reasons, the other kids shied away from his bad luck streak. He eventually found his place in a tavern, mixing quirky drinks that quickly became local favorites. But one day, he set the bar on fire while attempting to wow his patrons with a flaming rum juggling act. Suddenly jobless and in a lot of trouble, Bob saw an opportunity for a fresh start and stowed away on a ship heading for the New World.

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From Flames to Waves

But Bob's bad luck was as persistent as the tide. He was eventually discovered and imprisoned in the ship’s hold. For over a month, he languished, unaware that his infamous bad luck had infected the entire ship. In an unfortunate twist of fate, a monstrous kraken attacked the ship, dragging it underwater. Miraculously, Bob’s shackles kept him grounded amidst the turmoil, and he woke up in an underwater cave, spared from drowning thanks to an unexpected air pocket.

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Unfortunate Encounter

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