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• Easy Drinking

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•••• Pirate Strength

Available Non-Alcoholic (zo)

Serves 2-4 guests

A punch bowl that punches back !

Featuring a blend of coconut, white, and dark rums, tropical juices, house-made almond orgeat, grenadine, topped with Goslings 151 proof rum | 25

Pirates Punch Bowl •••

Mojito Pitcher ••

Serves 4 pint glasses

Plantation 3-Star white rum, mint, lime juice, seltzer, and choice of up to 2 flavors | 30

Flavors: Blood Orange, Bourbon Spice, Demerara, Huckleberry, Mango, Orgeat, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pina Colada, Prickly Pear, Rock Candy, Strawberry, Watermelon

Only $15 on Thursdays

Virgin Painkiller

Local Davis Creamery pineapple ice cream, tropical juices, coconut cream, a touch of nutmeg | 8

Mango Purée, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters | 7

Mango Tango


Agave Spritz

Organic agave nectar, prickly pear, fresh lime juice, seltzer | 7

Macadamia Nut Mai Tai •••

Hawaiian Dark Rum, Trader Vic's Macadamia Nut Liqueur, dry curaçao, rock candy sugar, lime | 16

1944 Mai Tai •••

Shipwrecked’s recreation of the 1944 Trader Vic classic, featuring bold and complex blend of four premium rums, dry curaçao, house-made almond orgeat, lime, and rock candy sugar. Our flagship Mai Tai is ideal for those who appreciate great rum. | 16

Signature Rum Blend

  • Appleton Estate 12yr Jamacian Rum (86 pf.)

  • Rhum Clemente VSOP Martinique Agricole (80 pf.)

  • Plantation O.F.T.D Overproof Blend from Guyana, Jamaican and Barbados (138 pf.)

  • Smith & Cross Navy Strength Jamaican Rum (114 pf.)

Recession Proof Mai Tai ••

Don’t have 12 years to mature your Rum or your RobinHood account ? 

We got you covered with this delicious and budget-friendly blend of Jamaican Dark and Overproof Rums, dry curaçao, lime, almond orgeat, demerara sugar | 10

Mango Monsoon 🌸

Coconut rum, mango puree, fresh coconut water, lemon, lime, cane sugar | 12

Coconut Lime Crush ••

A refreshing blend of light and coconut rums, fresh lime juice, coconut cream and house-made almond orgeat  | 12.5

Sixth From The Sun ••

Shipwrecked’s take on the 1967 tiki classic, Saturn. Includes Citadelle Jardin D'été Gin, almond Velvet Falernum, fresh lemon, exotic passion fruit, and house-made almond orgeat | 13.5

Hawaiian Hula Blossom ••

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, citrus vodka, blue curaçao, white rum, pineapple and fresh lime juices, cane sugar | 13

Banana Boat Bliss •

Cachaça, banana-coconut cream, Davis Creamery's pineapple ice cream, and pineapple juice | 13.5

Riviera Sour ••

Oak-aged Champagne Cognac melds with tart lemon, enriched by nutty Almond Orgeat and tropical Falernum, all crowned with a frothy egg white finish. | 15.5

Pirate’s Punch •••

A blend of white, spiced, and coconut rums, tropical juices, grenadine, topped with 151 proof rum

Matcha Colada 

Plantation 3-Star white rum, local Davis Creamery pineapple ice cream, Matcha powder, pineapple juice, coconut cream

Infinity Daiquiri ••

Shipwrecked's Infinity Rum Blend, demerara sugar, fresh lime, hint of nutmeg | 10

Ube Espresso Martini••

Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, Tito's vodka, vanilla cold brew, Ube, Condensed Milk | 13.5

Black coffee rum, banana cream, dark cacao | 7

ChocoNana Buzz ••


It's like a shot, but you won't hate yourself !

Strawberry Snaquiri

White rum, strawberry puree, lime juice, coconut cream | 6

Lychee Green Tea ••

Jameson Irish whiskey, lychee liqueur, peach schnapps, lemon juice, rock candy syrup | 7.5

Mexican Jungle Bird •••

Mezcal, Allspice Dram, pineapple and fresh lime juices, demerara sugar | 15

For those who love bitter cocktails. Smith & Cross Navy Strength Jamaican Rum, Plantation Original Dark Rum, Campari, pineapple and fresh lime juices, demerara sugar | 13

Classic Jungle Bird ••

Midnight Jungle Bird •••

Blackstrap rum, pineapple and lime juices, demerara sugar, Angostura bitters

Dark daiquiri ••

R.L. Seale’s 12yr Aged Barbados Rum, demerara sugar, lime juice, Angostura bitters | 14

The Fifty Dollar Daquiri •••

Experience the best daquiri of your life! Currently Featuring: 

Royal Cane Foursquare Barbados 20yr Single Cast Rum 

For those who want the best | 50

Infinity Daquiri •••

An ongoing fusion of rums called the Infinity Rum, Rock Candy Syrup, Lime Juice

Cuba Libre 

Plantation Original Dark Rum, fresh lime, cola or diet cola | 7.5

Elderflower Mojito ••

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Probitas White Rum, demerara sugar, mint, lime, seltzer | 14

Classic Mojito

White rum, demerara sugar, mint, lime, seltzer | 11

Tiki Margarita ••

Cazcabel Tequila, coconut cream, house-made almond orgeat, lychee liqueur, fresh lime juice | 13

Caribbean Mule ••

Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum, bourbon spice, demerara sugar, lime, ginger beer | 11

Forbidden Passion Elixir •••

An oversized pour of the legendary Lemon Hart 151 proof rum, demerara sugar, 100% pure passion fruit purée. 

Very strong but very drinkable | 15.5


Demerara Old Fashion •••

Four Roses 6yr Bourbon, El Dorado 12yr demerara rum, Angostura and orange bitters, demerara sugar | 15

Dark Sea Scoundrel •••

Plantation O.F.T.D Overproof Rum., RumChata, dark cacao liqueur, vanilla, lime, Caribbean spices, orange bitters | 13

Marauder's Manhattan  •••

Plantation X.O. , Sweet Vermouth, Averna Amaro, orange bitters, chocolate bitters | 17.5

Zombie Jet Pilot ••••

Limit 1 Per Guest 

Shipwrecked’s fusion of two heavy-hitting tiki classics, includes Bacardi 8yr, Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum, Planation Xaymaca and almond Velvet Falernum. Caribbean spices, fresh citrus, Angostura bitters, and atomized absinthe. 

151 proof rum poured down the straw ! | 18

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